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Formed in 2018, The Bored bring together four unique musical tastes to deliver music as varied as the day is long.

Darrell never would have guessed that he would have had the opportunity to play music the way he does with a great bunch of guys.  


When he got his first guitar from Homestead Pickin’ Parlor in Richfield, Minnesota, in 1985, Darrell never thought he would be where he is right now. Playing and performing with three fine gentlemen.  He honed his skills early on in his parents’ basement playing to Gear Daddies and BoDeans recordings in the early 90s.  After learning all the three and four chord songs he could, Darrell spent time playing covers and writing originals over the years, and trying to perform on any empty stage that would have him.  After many years of playing open mics and dive bars, The Bored represents a payoff for Darrell.




If you can't dance to it, it ain't worth writing, it ain't worth performing, and it ain't worth listening to. 


These are the words of advice from bass player Matt Bruns. Raised on the chunky guitar riffs of AC/DC, he refined his tastes with T. Rex, New York Dolls, The Exploding Hearts, and The Jetz. After moonlighting as the lead singer of The Cretins, he hung up his gravelly vocal chords and picked up a bass.

His playing is influenced by the lead guitar work of Johnny Thunders and the bass skills of great soul and rhythm and blues players. 


Kid hasn't found a cure for the ball of energy wound up inside of him.


Christian draws influences from classical music and just about anything that he finds fun to listen to.


After a hernia surgery sidelined him in 2020, he picked up the keys and has added both brass and the black and whites live and in the studio.



Doesn't own a watch, but keeps the time.

Sat behind a five-piece drum kit, Jason meters out the group like the Swiss. He draws musical influences form the 90s and early 00s, but can't take in enough of new acts like Low Cut Connie.

Ask him to sing too. Has the voice of an angel. Something like Jesus and Fergie mixed together.

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